Mr. Tejinder Singh Rana

Chief Operational Executive


Mr. Tejinder Singh Rana is the backbone of our company’s domestic operations as the Chief Operational Executive. He brings years of experience in the automotive industry and possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the business. Thanks to his leadership skills and strategic thinking, we have witnessed significant growth in domestic business. His unwavering optimism and progressive decision-making style will enable our company to emerge as a globally acknowledged and leading brand in the automotive industry.

Parmeet Kaur Rana


Our company’s founder, Parmeet Kaur Rana, is an innovative and visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in the business world. She was guided by her commitment to socially responsible and sustainable business practices while forming Beyond Love Overseas LLP, aiming to provide high-quality products and services to customers.

Under Parmeet’s leadership, our company is poised to become a major player in the global industry. She has spearheaded the development of successful products, built partnerships with crucial suppliers and customers, and expanded our company’s reach across the globe.

Parmeet is renowned for her strategic vision and dedication to excellence, as well as her ability to connect with and build robust relationships with people both within our company and the wider industry. She cultivates an inclusive and collaborative working environment that fosters innovation and growth, and encourages risk-taking and creativity from her team members.

Jasmine Chawla

Business Partner

Jasmine is a dedicated and passionate young business professional with a strong interest in animal welfare and pet care. She graduated with Honors in Liberal Arts and has gained practical experience through internships in various fields.

As a partner, Jasmine brings fresh ideas and a determination to innovate to our team. She is highly committed to incorporating ethical and environmentally sustainable practices in our business operations and has spearheaded several initiatives to support animal shelters and rescue organizations. Jasmine’s passion for animal welfare extends beyond these initiatives as she donates a portion of the company’s profit towards the cause.

Her innovative ideas as a young partner have greatly impacted the company, and her efforts have been instrumental in driving business success. We are delighted to have her on our team and are sure that her creativity, commitment to excellence, and unique perspective will continue to be valuable to the company.

Piyush Gattani

Technical Team

Piyush, who is part of our technical team, has proven to be highly skilled and committed while creating our company’s website. He has effectively leveraged his technical knowledge to design a website that caters specifically to the needs of our target audience and is engaging and professional. His dedication has led to the successful promotion of our brand and the provision of valuable information to our website’s visitors. Additionally, Piyush has impressive attributes such as creativity, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills that make him a remarkable website developer. He is proficient in implementing the latest technologies to materialize concepts and ideas efficiently, and his contributions will always align with the interests of the company.

Arka Pal

Research Team

Arka Pal is a skilled and knowledgeable person in his area of expertise, driven by a passion to advance and improve existing products, processes, and technology. He possesses traits such as creativity, inquisitiveness, critical thinking, and an ability to work independently. He has an excellent attention to detail, analytical skills, and a knack for delivering complex ideas and findings to varied audiences. As a successful research and development personnel, he has made noteworthy contributions to his field.